Restoration Support

Illegal Massage Parlors in North Carolina

Shield is currently exploring ways to support services for adult, Asian massage parlor victims. North Carolina has a plethora of illegal massage parlors that are a front for brothels. Often the men and women who are trafficked in illegal massage parlors are originally from an Asian country, are transported to and from New York and then moved repeatedly through a network of businesses in the state. Meeting needs is difficult given language and cultural barriers. Shield is evaluating ways to support current restoration services and expand current efforts. In 2017, the General Assembly passed legislation that will help eliminate these illegal establishments and create harsher penalties for those benefiting from this crime. By one estimate, there may be 1,000 massage parlor victims throughout the state. Given the new legislation, Shield wants to anticipate future needs and develop trauma-informed, culturally appropriate outreach and services for survivors who might otherwise have limited options.