Human Trafficking: Modern Day Slavery

Domestic Human Trafficking

North Carolina has consistently ranked in the top 10 states in the country for having a human trafficking problem. Both children and adults, male and female are sold for sex or labor for the benefit of another. Trafficking occurs in hotels, homes, truck stops, and massage parlors. Because of the psychological manipulation that occurs, most victims don't identify as victims and will not seek help. 



40.3 Million People are slaves worldwide; 24% of those are children.

Trafficking is a $150 Billion Industry.

The average age for entry into sex trafficking in the US is 12-14.

75% of traffickers were abused as children.

1 in 5 run-away children will be trafficked.

A Pimp's Annual income is $632,000.

Audio and Visual Resources

Red X Podcast

Red X Podcast (hosted by Mayor Lance Olive and Nicole Bernard) exists to raise awareness of human trafficking in North America and empower everyday people to work with their local municipalities to create a safe place for citizens, a hostile environment for criminals, and a second chance for survivors.

I Am Jane Doe

I Am Jane Doe is a documentary highlighting the story of four young trafficking victims and their legal battle against You can find it on free on Netflix.


Unbridled is a family film about a young girl's recovery from the trauma of being sex trafficked by her step-father and the use of horse therapy in her restoration.

The True Cost

The True Cost is a documentary (free on Netflix) that sheds light on the issue of labor trafficking that supports the multi-billion dollar fashion industry.

In Plain Sight

In Plain Sight is a documentary highlighting the realities of the sex trade in the United States.


Renting Lacy

Renting Lacy is an excellent introduction to how children become sex trafficking victims and the realities of their exploitation.

The Locust Effect

The Locust Effect by International Justice Mission's Gary Haugen explains the plight of global fight against slavery.

A War Against the Cowbird

Written by Shield's Nicole Bernard,  A War Against the Cowbird helps explain the process of trafficking and is perfect for sci-fi and young adult dystopia lovers.

The Body Keeps the Score

The Body Keeps the Score explains the complexities of healing in complex trauma. 

Girls Like Us

Girls Like Us is a memoir of a woman who was sex trafficked as a child, found restoration and then founded GEMS a nationally known restoration program in NY.

The Slave Across the Street

The Slave Across the Street is a true account of a young girl who was a part of the sex trade as a teenager.

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