Human Trafficking and Covid-19

How will the pandemic affect human trafficking? We're not sure yet. But with all children at home from school, many unsupervised and online, we must be ready to respond to the likely increase in cybertrafficking, online luring, and child pornography. As stress at home increases and people become isolated, some children may be vulnerable to abuse. We know that financial insecurity can increase vulnerability to exploitation. We must be ready to respond. Please check here for more updates. 


Resources to Support NC Services

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Click on the picture to connect to the live working document which has been scaled, edited, and modeled from the Greater New Orleans Human Trafficking Task Force's Resource Document  to provide information to service providers on state and national resources during the Covid-19 crisis.

Resources For Parents


internet safety guidance

 ( According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, there are 750,000 online predators worldwide at any given moment.) 


Relevant Information and Resources for Professional Helpers