Mission: Protect the Innocent and Vulnerable


Prevent: Identify the territories within a municipality in which a trafficking victim or an at-risk person is most like to present, and equip those territories by empowering them with the resources to identify and respond appropriately to a victim, prevent the occurrence of exploitation, or eliminate demand.

Enact Effective Policy: Assist establishments, such as schools, hospitals, and hotels, to create protocols for response, as well as enact municipal, state, and federal legislation that decriminalizes the victim and creates harsher penalties for the perpetrators.

Restoration Services: Support existing service providers by filling gaps in needs. In 2018 our focus is on facilitating local survivor services for adult, Asian massage parlor victims.

Meet Our Leadership Teams

Nicole Bernard, Founder and Director


Nicole is the mother of four children, author of A War Against the Cowbird, and host of the Red X Podcast. She served the anti-trafficking organization, Transforming Hope, for four years and worked in a variety of advocacy, service and behavioral research positions before founding Shield NC.

Luaskya Nonon, Board Member


Luaskya graduated from NYU with a B.A. in Psychology and a J.D. from UNC School of Law. She has been an attorney for more than 15 years.  Her passion to advocate for abused and neglected children was her primary reason for attending law school and serving as a Guardian Ad Litem for a number of years in Durham county. She has two children who make her laugh every day! 

Dr. Heather Pane Seifert, Board Member


Heather T. Pane Seifert, Ph.D., M.P.P., is a licensed clinical psychologist. She works as a Clinical Implementation Specialist and Senior Leader Faculty for the North Carolina Child Treatment Program (NC CTP), Center for Child and Family Health (CCFH), which is affiliated with Duke University and the UCLA-Duke National Center for Child Traumatic Stress (NCTSN). 

Molly Stillman, Board Secretary


Molly Stillman is the founder and creator of Still Being Molly, a life and style blog started in 2007, and the host of the Business with Purpose podcast. Her true passion lies in helping inspire women to know that they were created on purpose, with a purpose, and for a purpose. Molly has been in the fight against human trafficking since she first learned about it in 2011.  You can find her on  at stillbeingmolly.com.

Mayor Lance Olive, Board Vice President


Lance Olive is the mayor of Apex, NC, which was recently ranked at the number one place to live by Time/Money Magazine. Lance is the producer and host of multiple podcasts, including the Red X Podcast. He is an active member of the rotary club, and Vice President of Business Operation at Better Boards in Cary, NC and former Sunday school teacher. 

Jacques Gilbert, Board Member


Jacques Gilbert, is a Captain of the Crime Division of the Apex Police Department where he has served for 27 years. He is also the President of the Blue Lights College and Master Instructor of 3D self defense for women.

Patty Patrick, Board President


Patty Patrick is a proven champion of game changing leaders.  With over twenty-five years of experience in non-profit management, ministry, education and business she elevates and promotes the higher principle in mission and vision.  Patty enjoys her thriving family and is a professional life coach and business consultant.


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